Keyboard Shortcuts

This table shows the keyboard shortcuts used in Toucan. These shortcuts along with other useful tips and tricks are available in the app’s Help menu.

Shortcut Description
⌘O or Enter Open the selected item(s) with their default application
⌘enter or ⌘R Reveal the selected item(s) in finder
⌘T Open a terminal in (cd to) the selected file(s) containing directory
⌘delete Move the selected item(s) to the trash
⌘I Show the selected item(s) info
⌘Y or space Display a preview of the selected item(s)
⌘D If you select 2 files or 2 directories, you can compare them using FileMerge (FileMerge is a two way comparison tool, that is why this action is only available when 2 items are selected). Note that this feature is only available if FileMerge (free) is installed on your computer.
⌘C Copy the selected item(s)
⌘L Go to the search box (when in the result table)
⌘F Go to the search box (when in the result table)
Esc Clear search result and search box; close window when pressed a second time
Up Go to previous search result. When the 1st result is selected, go to the search box
Down Go to next search result. If the cursor is in the search box, go to the 1st result item
⌘^Z (When enabled; customizable) hot key to bring Toucan to the front
⌘W Close Toucan window, note that Toucan will still be running (if hot key is enabled, Toucan can be brought back to the front by pressing it)
⌘Q Close Toucan application
⌘1 Search by file/folder path. I.e.: the query foo would return the following result (among others) /Users/JohnDoe/foo/somefile.txt
⌘2 Search by file/folder name. I.e.: the query foo would only return files and folders whose name contain foo; /Users/JohnDoe/foo.txt for instance but not /Users/JohnDoe/foo/somefile.txt.
⌥⌘N Sort items by Name.
⌥⌘P Sort items by Path.
⌥⌘C Sort items by Creation date.
⌥⌘M Sort items by last Modification date.
⌥⌘S Sort items by Size.
⌥⌘K Sort items by Kind.
⇧⌘I Toggle (show/hide) the Icon column.
⇧⌘N Toggle (show/hide) the Name column.
⇧⌘P Toggle (show/hide) the Path column.
⇧⌘C Toggle (show/hide) the Creation date column.
⇧⌘M Toggle (show/hide) the last Modification date column.
⇧⌘S Toggle (show/hide) the Size column.
⇧⌘K Toggle (show/hide) the Kind column.


  • ⌘ : Command (Open Apple)
  • ⌥ : Option (Alt, Alternative)
  • ⌃ : Control
  • ⇧ : Shift